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Dec 17, 2017

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Fitness has a big impact on the lives of everyone reading this and those who aren't as well. Learning what you should about fitness may be difficult, because some resources do not provide the information you need. The following advice will show you how you can best achieve your personal fitness goals.

Decide on a fitness routine that you enjoy, and are confident you can maintain. Pick something you enjoy, so you can actually look forward to working out.

Buying new clothes for your workouts may be the confidence boost you need to stay motivated. Even one new article of clothing gives you something to fashion for your friends and maybe encourage a new trip to the gym.

The best way for a person to get more out of his or her routine is to do a wide variety of exercises. For instance, instead of doing all your workouts on your treadmill, take a walk around your neighborhood. Different results will be achieved when the person runs on the sidewalk or up a hill. Sticking with only one type of exercise, minimizes the results to the point of slowing them down or stalling completely.

Try changing the things you do when you work out. This keeps your exercise regimen out of a rut, and you stay committed to exercising every day. This also uses different areas of muscles so your body does not become accustomed to it and not benefiting from the exercise anymore.

Keep your knees strong by exercising your thighs. Avoid the most common injury, which is torn muscles and ligaments along the back of your legs. Prevent this injury by exercising your quadriceps and hamstrings. You can do this by doing leg curls and extensions.

Do not do just sit ups or crunches to exercise your abs. There is evidence showing that performing 250,000 crunches only burns a single pound of fat. If you are doing them, you should consider doing something else. For best results, incorporate different abdominal exercises into your routine.

To ensure that your fitness momentum is constantly maintained, try exercising while watching TV. You can use commercials as a time to have quick, short workouts. Having small hand weights near the couch might entice you to use them as you sit there watching television. You can always squeeze exercise in somewhere.

It is very important to have a strong core. A strong core makes everything from running to weightlifting easier. Sit-ups are very good for you and will help to build a strong core. Performing sit-ups can also improve your body's range of motion. Improve your core and you improve the rest of your body as well.

When doing reps, count backwards from the number you're working toward. This method is a better motivator than the traditional counting up method.

Running can produce positive, and negative, effects to your body in the long run. To keep the damaging part at bay, try cutting your running frequency every six weeks, for one week, to about half of your usual mileage. By cutting your mileage in half you are letting your body recover from the extensive exercise. This is crucial if you want to prevent injuries.

When you are exercising stretch your muscles between sets. The stretches should last for about half a minute. There is a lot of research coming out about stretching and the different kinds of stretching that you can incorporate into your workout. Some research supports stretching the same muscle group in between sets as a way to increase strength. Other research supports resting in between sets and reserves stretching for before and after workouts. In addition, stretching also reduces the chance of injury.

Make your run have three different parts. Your pace should be slow in the beginning, then increase to your regular pace. For the last third, run faster than you normally would. Structuring your runs this way will provide improved benefits to your endurance, enabling you to run further as you continue your routine.

Too often, people are unable to learn what they need to know about physical fitness because they cannot find the information they need. Follow the advice you've just read, and you'll be on your way to improved fitness in little time.


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Cryptocurrency fraud doubled to $1.7M in Canada this year Posted: Dec 11, 2017 8:56 AM ET Last Updated: Dec 11, 2017 10:49 AM ET Crime related to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is expanding almost as fast as the price is. (Nathan Denette/Canadian Press) Cleveland student earns over $500K betting on cryptocurrency with Canadian roots Canadians have been swindled out of more than $1.7 million via scams involving cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin so far this year — more than double the amount during all of 2016. The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre says that's more than five times the amount people lost to these types of scams in 2015, which was roughly $284,000. As bitcoin becomes more popular with investors, sending the price above $17,000 US mark last week , criminals appear to be increasingly turning to cryptocurrencies to extort payment from their victims as well. Woman sending cash via bitcoin ATM was scammed, police say These new figures come after police in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario warned in recent months to beware of scams involving demands for a transfer of funds using bitcoin. RCMP in Langley, B.C., last month said a woman received a call from what she believed was her husband's cellphone and someone posing as a police officer, asking for bail to secure her spouse's release. Police said the woman followed the caller's instructions and paid them $5,000 in bitcoin, before receiving a call from her husband who was sitting at home and never arrested in the first place. To encourage thoughtful and respectful conversations, first and last names will appear with each submission to CBC/Radio-Canada's online communities (except in children and youth-oriented communities). Pseudonyms will no longer be permitted. By submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish that comment in whole or in part, in any manner CBC chooses. Please note that CBC does not endorse the opinions expressed in comments. Comments on this story are moderated according to our Submission Guidelines . Comments are welcome while open. We reserve the right to close comments at any time.

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The Hidden Secrets Of Basketball: How To Play Like A Pro

Basketball is love by many fans around the globe. You can play casually in pick-up games on most street corners or work hard to build a professional career if you get started young and have a natural gift. Learn more about the game of basketball from this article.

Focus on your strong point to help you become a better ball player. The best talent you have isn't going to have you starring in every highlight reel, but having a good skill set can benefit your team. Clear self knowledge and dedicated practice will make you the best at what you do.

Make sure to practice your layups whenever possible. During any game, layups make up about 75 percent of the game. When you practice, you need to be able to run toward the basket at full speed, then shoot while jumping in the air. Perfecting this skill will enable you to get to the rim effortlessly during a game.

Free throws are mental as well as physical. You're able to train your whole body to do full free throw motions, but if you're not mentally prepared, you will fail. Relax, take your time and be focused.

Practice playing a man-to-man defense and zone defense. While a good chunk of the game will most likely be played in zone, your opponent might flip the switch to man-to-man coverage just to change things up and surprise you. If you are unprepared, you may lose the match fast.

Practice playing by yourself. Sometimes during off season, or when practicing, you can't play as a team or find even a single opponent. Don't fret! You can still get a lot accomplished with solo games. Work on free throws or practice pivot moves. There is always something to practice.

Make sure you know what is going on with your feet. Stepping your toe in a baseline with a ball in your grip will mean that you're out of bounds. Taking too many steps without dribbling means a walking call and another turnover situation. Do not move your feet when attempting to set up a screen, a foul can be called.

Watch your own recorded games, and look for weak areas. On tape, you can see all the opportunities you passed and how things could have gone better. Do not waste time criticizing yourself. Just make an honest assessment. At times, it can help to see the truth of who you are, not as you imagine yourself.

To become a great free thrower, practice and develop a routine you will use during each shot. Perhaps you will dribble twice, follow up by bending your knees, pulling your earlobe or performing some other ritualistic action for good luck. By developing a quick ritual, you can help train your body to make free throws.

A good defensive strategy will keep your opponent on their toes. Don't let them get comfortable. Use aggression with your moves. This will keep them from being able to choose which plays they will make. Your opponent will take any opportunity to give you the run around. Instead, disrupt their rhythm by making the first move.

Be sly on your soles to catch rebounds from free-throws your own team members are making. Slip around the defender moving your way and get the ball. In this way you can get the rebound without a foul.

After reading the above article you should have an idea on what it takes to follow the game of basketball. It isn't hard, but it does take some know-how and effort. Begin playing and before you know it, you will be playing every day. You will learn more playing against highly-skilled players.

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